Saturday, April 16, 2011

Osho #31: Experimentation

Huh, well, this Osho meditation is just so spot on for life. Experimentation? Hells yeah!
Do it.
With fervor.

Expect to fail, but try. Whenever you think you've mastered something, try a new approach to it, play with it, interpret it another way, do something to make it challenging, interesting, different again. As perfect as you may think it is, there is always some way to make it better.

If something isn't working for you, switch it up. You may come back to the original way, you may not, but don't play the same dull beat over and over, nor live life as a robot going through the programmed motions. Sometimes by experimenting you figure out why things weren't working before, you can make them better, you can leave them behind, but change it up.

Life isn't about the finality of things, that's death. It's about the journey. what you learn. what you do along the way. what you try. we learn SO much from failure. so so much. and accepting good enough is simply not good enough.

~ ~ ~                         ~ ~                         ~ ~ ~ ~                      ~                            ~                    .
Come, walk with me as we scale the boundary's edge.

But what's over there? Am I welcome? Will I like it? Is it warm? Is it cold? Could I get hurt? Could I fall in love? Could I be attacked? Will I be changed? Will I win? Will I fail? Will I grow or will I shrink? Will I have to fight? Will I simply accept? Will it be gruesome or will it be beautiful?

Come. let's check it out.

But I don't know what to expect nor how to prepare myself.