Sunday, October 31, 2010


I gave you the brightest star from Orion's belted belly.
'Find me every night, softly twinkling my love to you.'

Yes, yes! He is ours, you said. Know that I always sit there beside you.

How fondly you carried on, speaking of tear-filled nights spent longingly gazing at me. Feeling my heat, my energy. Missing me.

But was it the bright, sunny days or the cloud-filled nights that slowly shifted us to you, to me?
And why are you still there, beckoning me back with your siren song?

Together we discovered a world we'd never known. Then you took it for yourself and taught me of Hades as well.

Yet, oddly, I'm a better person for having known you. The flame you sparked glows brilliantly, remaining lit by the beauty I've found within myself, without you.

I gave you a star to light the path until we'd meet again.

You gave me a star because that's all you had to give.